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Dec 19, 2022

10 Great Ways for Landlords and Tenants to Save Energy in Rental Homes

Sponsored Content provided by Dave Sweyer - Owner and Broker, Sweyer Property Management

If you’re looking to lower your monthly bills or reduce your carbon footprint, employing energy-saving methods in your rental home is a great way to do both. In this article, we’ll give you ten easy ways to start saving on energy costs in your home today!

  1. Reducing energy usage is a bright idea- literally! Make it part of your daily routine to turn off the lights when you leave any room, and remind roommates or family members to do the same.
  2. Landlords, get ahead of the competition by installing smart thermostats in your investment property! Not only can you connect to mobile devices via Wi-Fi for convenience, but residents can also rest easy knowing they have control of their energy usage from anywhere. Plus, temperature settings become a breeze with automated or adjustable options - all adding up to maximize savings and set yourself apart from other rental units.
  3. Take advantage of the Wilmington area’s temperate climate. By opening up your windows during the milder months, you can create a wonderful cross-breeze - aka natural ventilation. It works like magic: when wind enters one window, it’ll set off an amazing vacuum effect that whisks through another window to cool down units while conserving energy. And, opening windows can give your HVAC a much-needed break between the hottest and coldest months.
  4. Make a smart move in your home and pinch those pennies with energy-saving efficiency! For example, when you run the washing machine and dishwasher at once, that water heater keeps chugging away to keep up. But, even though it’ll have its work cut out, it will only have to heat up once if you run both machines simultaneously. This action can save loads of money - so make sure to get all your appliances running together if possible.
  5. Don’t bother with pre-rinsing - your dishwasher is equipped and ready to go! Modern models are talented at chopping off even the most stubborn remnants of meals past. So, give dirty dishes a quick scrape with a brush before loading them.
  6. Let the sunshine in, but not too much - close your blinds for some energy savings. Creating shade and blocking heat is an easy way to cool down a room naturally, plus save money on electricity costs! Also, ensure all your rental investment properties have plenty of window coverings to get more bang for your buck.
  7. Don’t let your energy bills take a hefty chunk out of profits - upgrade to ENERGY STAR® certified appliances and enjoy reduced expenses without sacrificing quality. Your residents will be happy, too, since they can save money simply by using the newer, more efficient models!
  8. Trying to save on your electric bill? Unplug that cell phone, laptop, or tablet once they’re done charging! Not only will it help you pinch some pennies and be energy-friendly — letting those lithium-ion batteries dip too low isn’t good for their health either.
  9. Let’s be smart about using our resources! For example, rather than just unleashing a torrent of water trying to get it hot, keep the stream small and let the temperature rise - that way, you can save energy without sacrificing cleanliness.
  10. Don’t fight the future. Instead, upgrade your rental investment property’s lighting with LEDs, and you’ll have long-term savings on energy bills. These lightbulbs may cost a little more upfront, but they last much longer than their incandescent counterparts while using less electricity.
While there are many other ways rental investors and tenants can save on energy bills, these ten ideas are a great place to start. And the best part is, you can start doing these things today! 

As a leading property management firm in the Cape Fear region, Sweyer Property Management recommends that property owners strongly consider working with a trusted and experienced property management company. Whether it pertains to the eviction process or another area of handling your investment properties, we want to make sure property owners and investors understand the relationship they are entering into when choosing to work with a property management firm. 

If you have investment properties and do not use a professional management company, we hope you consider doing so. The experts at Sweyer Property Management will be happy to provide you with a free rental analysis or, if you prefer, give us a call at 910-239-1338. 
Sweyer Property Management is a full-service professional property management company specializing in all aspects of rental management. If you're an investor or property owner looking to learn more about our services and what a professional property manager can do for you, reach out to us today at 910.256.3031 or via our website. Sweyer Property Management has exhibited continuous growth throughout the Wilmington, Leland, and Hampstead areas while maintaining an excellent Google+ rating for customer service. 

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