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Business Growth
Jan 11, 2023

2023….What is it to be?

Sponsored Content provided by Theresa Bassett - CEO, The Diamond Group

Every business owner that I know cruises into the front end of the new year setting their sights on growth, envisioning the future and feeling both simultaneously excited at the possibilities and overwhelmed at the tasks. Maybe even carrying a few discouragements or missed targets from the previous year. Facing staffing or other challenges that may even dilute a bit of enthusiasm. The reality is, external circumstances are always changing - market forces are ever-moving - and often it can feel daunting at the very least to navigate. 

In step the 3 C’s of momentum: Commitment, Courage, and Clarity. These 3 C’s become the building blocks needed to counterbalance the external factors and those that are not within the business leader’s control. “Without vision the people shall perish.” Proverbs 29. The team must know where they are going and be committed to getting there together. 

While sales drives the bus and marketing is the bridge to more sales conversations, it all comes back to these core commitments - on the part of the leadership team and then, by extension, on the part of the team. Growth is not possible without clarity of vision because the muddiness of purpose translates directly into the muddiness of results. Encourage your organization this year to double-down on its efforts to get the kind of crystal clarity that drives every other metric - while it may require a slowing down to ultimately speed up, to put your best foot forward in 2023 there is no escape from this work. 

Ask your team: 
What do we stand for? 
Who do we serve best? 
How can we super serve them? 
What do we ultimately want to be? 

You may have a mission or vision statement, core values that haven't been revisited in awhile or were crafted to sound more like marketing-speak. Make sure they resonate with your team - that every person in your organization understands who they are a brand ambassador for exactly. That alignment in messaging then translates into better talent scouting, more resonant recruiting, and ultimately a stronger team. 

These key foundational brand pillars become the rocks that your organization’s growth are built upon and fuels the messaging that attracts your perfect clients, customers, or patients. Many times we attack the equation backwards, working from the external messaging inwards, only to find a lack of clarity at the core. 2023 can be whatever you ultimately want it to be - you control the internal part of the narrative. You get to craft the approach with the end in mind. Blank slates like new years present opportunities anew, a refresh in perspective, a shift in thinking.

Embrace these opportunities for all they are worth - you may just find your best year yet, lurking in the shadows, waiting to be discovered. Onward and upward! 

Theresa Bassett is the CEO of The Diamond Group, with headquarters in Wilmington, NC. TDG is a digital marketing agency specializing in growing and scaling professional services businesses - financial, home, legal, healthcare, and engineering services. They have a proprietary system for creating double-digit growth combining sales and marketing strategy, execution, and creative with a single-point account team. For a complete list of digital marketing or sales enablement services or to request a complimentary Marketing Strategy Assessment, contact [email protected]

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