Oct 6, 2023

Unlocking the Vibrancy of Your Community with Lifestyle Programming

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In the realm of community association living, a growing trend is transforming residential landscapes, making neighborhoods more vibrant and connected than ever before. It's called lifestyle programming and is not exclusively for 55+ communities anymore. In fact, various communities are adopting lifestyle programs to offer myriad benefits to community members. So, what exactly is lifestyle programming, and how can it make your community come alive?
What is Lifestyle Programming?
Lifestyle programming is designed to elevate the living experience for residents. This innovative approach seeks to create a sense of belonging, foster connections between neighbors, and optimize the use of community amenities. Lifestyle programming goes beyond traditional residential management services by curating a calendar of diverse events and activities designed to cater to the unique interests and needs of the community.
Who is the lifestyle director?
The role of a Lifestyle Director in a community association is multifaceted and pivotal in creating a thriving and connected living environment. These dedicated professionals are responsible for planning and coordinating various events and activities that cater to association members' preferences and needs. They handle the logistics of executing these events, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Additionally, they establish best practices to enhance the overall community experience, utilizing their expertise to bring value to the community by tailoring their services to meet its unique requirements. 
Moreover, Lifestyle Directors play a vital role in building closer relationships with residents, fostering a sense of belonging and cohesion within the community. Depending on the community's size and needs, Lifestyle Directors may work full-time or part-time, adapting their efforts to create a vibrant and engaging living environment for all association members. A community may offer lifestyle programming to residents without hiring a dedicated lifestyle director when community volunteers fill the role.
Is Lifestyle Programming Right for Your Community?
One common misconception is that lifestyle programming is exclusive to retirement or 55+ communities. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Lifestyle programming can benefit communities of all sizes and demographics. Whether you reside in a sprawling suburban neighborhood or a cozy urban condominium, the principles of lifestyle programming can be applied to enhance your community's overall well-being and sense of togetherness.
The Benefits of Starting a Lifestyle Program
The advantages of embracing lifestyle programming are far-reaching and can truly transform your community. In addition to improving the quality of life for residents, vibrant communities are more attractive to home buyers, which enhances the real estate value within the community. Here are some key benefits to consider:
1. Connecting with Neighbors: Lifestyle programming provides an excellent opportunity to get to know their neighbors. Community events create a sense of belonging, making it easier for individuals to forge meaningful relationships.
2. Well-organized Activities: Say goodbye to the days of scrambling to find things to do on weekends. Lifestyle programming offers a well-organized calendar of events that cater to various interests, ensuring there's always something exciting to participate in.
3. Diverse Programming: Lifestyle programs offer various activities, from day trips to off-site locations and fitness programs to live band performances, movie nights, art projects, and much more. The lifestyle director will find activities that best fit your community. 
The CAMS Lifestyle Approach 
CAMS takes the concept of lifestyle programming to the next level. Their comprehensive approach includes:
1. Working with Service Providers: CAMS collaborates with trusted service providers to ensure the seamless execution of various events and activities. They also ensure service providers are properly vetted and insured.
2. Enhanced Communication: Clear and consistent communication with residents is vital for the success of lifestyle programming. CAMS’ lifestyle directors employ various channels such as websites, calendars, and newsletters to keep community members informed and engaged. They also send out surveys to gauge what types of activities interest community members.
3. Full-Time Director On-Site: A full-time, dedicated lifestyle director on-site is a game-changer. It simplifies the process for residents to ask questions, sign up for events, and provide valuable feedback. (Note: Part-time lifestyle directors are also available depending on the community’s needs).
In conclusion, lifestyle programming is not just a passing trend; it's a transformative approach to community living that can enrich the lives of residents, regardless of their age or background. By fostering connections, offering a wide range of activities, and working with dedicated lifestyle directors, CAMS is leading the way in creating vibrant and engaged neighborhoods.
If you're interested in lifestyle programming and how it could benefit your community, contact CAMS Lifestyle Director Brittany Godwin. With her expertise and passion for community development, Brittany can guide you through bringing vibrancy and connectivity to your neighborhood.

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