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Human Resources
Apr 10, 2023

The Alphabet Audit

Sponsored Content provided by Khalilah Olokunola - Founder | Impact Architect, ReEngineering HR

Remember growing up and learning your ABC’s? It was such a proud moment for mom and dad to showcase to their friends and family. In the same context , Our Alphabet Audit puts you in a position to show off your company, your team and its internal / external practices.

This comprehensive approach will help uncover the root causes of any organizational challenges or inefficiencies while identifying the critical gaps that need to be addressed for sustainable success. You can stop relying on Band-Aid solutions – & let the experts at ReHR  guide you from A to Z.

Our Alphabet Audit is an innovative data-driven approach to organizational audits that helps uncover underlying issues and identify strategies for improvement. We use both technology and I/O Psychology because the layer of critical thinking for complex issues is important in structuring an intentional plan . Our experienced team of professionals will take a deep dive into your data, allowing us to provide you with a clear roadmap for improvement that will benefit your entire organization. We focus on key areas, each represented by a letter of the alphabet. Some but not all include : Belonging (B), Equity (E), Inclusion (I), Learning & Development (L&D), Employee Experience (EE), Workforce (W), Conflict (C), Sustainability (S), Happiness (H) and Productivity(P). This is not an exhaustive list of areas that unpacked and presented on a digital scorecard.

We then compare those results against industry benchmarks in order to further identify any potential gaps or areas where improvements can be made.

Once we have identified any points in the system that can be improved, we use our findings to develop actionable solutions tailored specifically for your organization's needs. Our goal is not just to provide quick fixes – instead we want to help you build a better foundation for success that will benefit everyone involved. We believe that true organizational excellence requires long-term commitment from all stakeholders – from top management down to individual employees – and our audit process provides the perfect starting point for such collaboration.

Here are six ways the Alphabet Audit can benefit you:

1. Maximize efficiency – by identifying inefficiencies and streamlining processes.
2. Identify leadership gaps – to ensure the right people are in the right seats.
3. Increased ROI on training – by tailoring training to meet your organization's specific needs, you address learning gaps and culture misalignment .
4. Improve innovation – by identifying areas where new ideas can be implemented, you can shape programs or processes that allow space for that innovation with guided metrics and milestones
5. Align people strategies – to ensure everyone is working towards the same mission, vision, and values.
6. Increase productivity & profitability – by using data to make better strategic decisions

Finally, we take our findings one step further by helping you implement those solutions across all levels of the organization. From developing detailed training modules to providing comprehensive strategy services for key personnel members whose current roles fall into the lane of responsibility for target areas  – Our Alphabets Audit which is the passport to a path at ReHR  is here to help ensure that every team member has access to the resources they need in order to succeed within their respective roles. And most importantly, we are committed to helping you maintain sustainable excellence over time through regular follow-up consultations and Alphabet reviews.

Contact us today to learn more about our Alphabet Audits by emailing [email protected].

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