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Mike Duncan

CEO and Creative Director, Sage Island

Mike Duncan is a third-generation Wilmington native and UNCW alumnus. In 1997 he founded Sage Island, and today it is a full-scale digital marketing agency. Led by a tech-savvy team, Sage Island quickly evolved with the internet a  

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Marketing & Sales
Apr 14, 2017

Three Ways To Measure Social Media Performance

As we all know, social media is an integral part of any marketing plan. In our digital, wi-fi-friendly, smartphone-obsessed, status update-addicted culture, businesses and brands simply can’t af ...

Marketing & Sales
Apr 3, 2017

Five Website Design Trends For 2017

There you are, surfing the internet and minding your own business, when suddenly you’re assaulted by a case of bad design.   “Was this website built in 1999?” you wonder as yo ...

Marketing & Sales
Mar 15, 2017

How To Market To Baby Boomers

It seems like every other post you scroll through on your social media newsfeeds is related to the much-discussed group known as “Millennials.”   Whether it’s “How to Wo ...

Marketing & Sales
Mar 1, 2017

10 Ways To Market Your Event With Social Media

There was a time when advertising an upcoming event, whether it was an annual conference, a half marathon or a grand opening, used to be pretty straightforward - print up some fliers, maybe get a spot ...

Marketing & Sales
Feb 15, 2017

Is Your E-commerce Website Ready To Succeed?

There’s no question we love the convenience of online shopping. How great is it that we can make a purchase in seconds from the comfort of our home? No longer do we have to wait in long lines, a ...

Marketing & Sales
Feb 3, 2017

The Power Of Influencer Marketing

Peer pressure always had a negative connotation growing up, but today it seems peer pressure might just be the perfect marketing tactic to help brands reach new fans.   I’m sure you&rsquo ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 30, 2017

I Hate My Website - Now What?

There are a lot of reasons you might hate your website.   Maybe it was designed in 1999, and those flashing lights and neon colors just aren’t cutting it anymore. Maybe you kept adding pa ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 24, 2017

How Much Social Media Is Too Much?

Just when you get the hang of how to filter that perfect Instagram photo, a new social media craze like Snapchat hits the streets!   From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Snapchat and LinkedI ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 16, 2017

Simple Steps For Creating A Content Marketing Calendar

One of the most common resolutions for the new year is to get more organized, in both our personal and professional lives. While I can’t give you any tips for your personal life (I’m still ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 3, 2017

Create The Perfect Instagram Theme

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in Instagram cyber-stalking and think, “Why doesn’t my page look like this?” or “How did they get so many followers?” These are ...

Marketing & Sales
Dec 15, 2016

Selling On Amazon: Vendor Versus Seller

There’s no way to deny facts - Amazon.com is a behemoth when it comes to e-commerce. The site boasts more than 250 million active users and over 50 million Prime members. Being this big doesn ...

Marketing & Sales
Dec 1, 2016

Give The Gift Of GIFs This Christmas

Move over emoji - the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) keyboard is taking the reins this holiday season. Although I’m sure those little Christmas tree and Santa Claus emoticons will still be ...

Marketing & Sales
Nov 14, 2016

Five Apps To Grow Your Business

In the smart phone era that we live in nowadays, there is quite possibly an app out there to solve any problem. Want to keep a food diary? There’s an app for that. Looking for the closest Sta ...

Marketing & Sales
Oct 12, 2016

Creating Powerful E-Commerce Product Listings

Just about anyone who works in retail will agree - over the last few years, revenue in physical stores has been flat, while e-commerce sales continue to rise. Sure, Amazon has a large piece of that ...

Marketing & Sales
Sep 23, 2016

The Secret To Getting More Social Media Followers

You’ve seen them - those Instagram accounts with thousands of likes on every photo. Those Facebook posts with hundreds of shares. Not to mention that Twitter account that gets a million retweets ...

Marketing & Sales
Sep 6, 2016

Win Over Millennials With Video Marketing

The key to effective marketing is meeting your audience where they are. The millennial generation - adults ages 18 to 34 - can typically be found swiping through Snapchat stories, scrolling through ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 15, 2016

Digital Marketing During The Olympics

The Summer Olympics are finally here. Along with fierce competition, amazing athletes and inspiring stories, the Olympics are also a great backdrop for winning marketing campaigns. For the next few ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 14, 2016

Your 'About' Page Isn’t Just About You

Whether you call it “Our Mission,” “Our Company,” or something in between, your website probably includes an about page that tells your brand’s story. Many assume thi ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 16, 2016

What’s New With Instagram, Twitter And Facebook

When it comes to social media, there are two things you can count on: It will never run out of memes, and it will always release a new update as soon as you’ve mastered the old one. Over th ...

Marketing & Sales
May 20, 2016

Why You Should Always Use The Latest Version Of WordPress

When it comes to a website, we all want the same basic things. It’s got to be easy to use, simple to maintain, safe and secure, as well as nice to look at. At Sage Island, we’ve found th ...

Marketing & Sales
May 16, 2016

How To Handle Negative Feedback On Social Media

At this point, we all know the value of using social media as part of your business's digital marketing strategy. It’s a way to increase brand awareness, boost website traffic, and most ...

Marketing & Sales
May 3, 2016

Search Engine Webmaster Tools Can Save Your Website

The Internet, like the universe, is constantly expanding. According to a recent study, we collectively send 500 million tweets, upload 4 million hours of video to YouTube, like 5.75 billion things o ...

Marketing & Sales
Mar 15, 2016

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Digital Life

The azaleas are blooming, the Atlantic is warming, and we’ve finally had a few 80-degree days. It is official: Spring has arrived in Wilmington. Naturally, the first thing you’re probably ...

Marketing & Sales
Mar 1, 2016

Improve Your SEO Ranking Right Now

Want your website to succeed in the world of SEO? It can be done, as long as you’re strategic. Too often we test search rankings using keywords and phrases we hope we’ll rank well for, and ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 26, 2016

10 Social Media Marketing Resolutions For 2016

I know what you’re thinking. Resolutions? January is almost over, you’ve already broken half your promises to yourself, and the last thing you need is another resolution you won’t ke ...

Marketing & Sales
Dec 9, 2015

Blurred Lines: Native Advertising And The Future Of Marketing

Every year new buzzwords emerge in each industry, and digital marketing is no different. Over the last few years, our buzzwords have included everything from “clickability” to “engag ...

Marketing & Sales
Nov 13, 2015

The Snapchat Primer You Need

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as a business owner, you’re probably being inundated with advice. From how to host the perfect Black Friday event, to how to fine-tune your email mark ...

Marketing & Sales
Oct 19, 2015

Banish Writer’s Block With These 7 Blog Post Prompts

The writer W. Somerset Maugham once famously stated: “I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”   Of course his muse ...

Marketing & Sales
Oct 9, 2015

What’s My Shipment Worth? And Other E-Commerce Shipping Tips

Creating an online store for your business is a huge process. But for many shoppers, shipping policies and charges are the make-or-break factors when deciding if a future trip to your website is worth ...

Marketing & Sales
Sep 29, 2015

Going Viral: What We Can All Learn From #PizzaRat

When it comes to social media, most businesses and brands are just like people – they long to “go viral.” They imagine fame, glory, sponsorships, free products and swimming pools ful ...

Marketing & Sales
Sep 14, 2015

5 Signs That It’s Time to Refresh Your Logo

If you’ve used Google to search for anything lately, you may have noticed it looks a little different. That’s because, for the first time in five years, Google decided to refresh its logo. ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 28, 2015

3 Social Apps To Tame The Time Management Beast

In addition to designing and programming websites, creating brand identities, and providing hosting services, Sage Island also manages social communities for a number of our clients. This means that o ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 21, 2015

Tips To Mastering Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. In other words, it’s been bringing business owners incredible insights since its launch in 2005. Google ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 14, 2015

Your Social Media Strategy: Timing is Everything

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: you spend 15 minutes (or a lifetime, at least on the Internet) crafting the perfect social media post. From counting out your characters to resizing your image ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 5, 2015

So You Want to Use Emojis In Your Marketing Strategy?

We’ve recently shared how emojis are coming into play on the Internet (sadly, Google officially removed them from its search results), and briefly touched on a few brands placing them in th ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 17, 2015

The New Faces Of Stock Photography

If you’ve spent any time searching stock photography websites for beautiful, eye-catching images, you know that disappointment, confusion and frustration are part of the process. For example, yo ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 13, 2015

The Importance Of Pay-Per-Click Advertising Extensions

Over a million businesses rely on Google Adwords for a number of reasons. Some choose pay-per-click advertising because their companies are brand new and need to build exposure. Others stick with it b ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 6, 2015

5 Instagram Mistakes Everyone Makes (And How to Avoid Them)

By now, you’re probably aware that Instagram can be an integral part of your social media strategy. Maybe you’ve even created an Instagram account for your business, and have been snapping ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 29, 2015

Content Optimization Tips for E-Commerce Websites

When it comes the retail industry and consumer shopping habits, we’ve reached a point where many people only buy online. This comes as no surprise, especially when you look at the three main rea ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 22, 2015

Taking Your Pinterest Game To The Next Level

We’ve already taught you how to engage your Pinterest followers by crafting eye-catching images. Since then you’ve been pinning and posting like a pro, proud of all the progress you’ ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 12, 2015

Emojis: Changing The Way We See The Internet

It should come as no surprise that emojis are finally finding their way onto the Internet. They’ve become our culture’s way of representing emotions and translating thoughts into short, ea ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 8, 2015

Periscope And The Power Of Live Streaming Video

A few weeks ago, the online world was rocked by the debut of Periscope, a live streaming video app launched by Twitter. While this might not seem particularly monumental – after all, video has b ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 1, 2015

Five Reasons Why Users Leave A Website

We live in a distracting digital time where attention is scarce and interest is fleeting. So when it comes to attracting users to your website and keeping them there, it’s important to provide w ...

Marketing & Sales
May 26, 2015

How To Get More Twitter Followers

No matter how you feel about social media, it’s now a well-known fact that Twitter can be a great tool, especially for businesses. Learning to tweet effectively, however, is only half the battle ...

Marketing & Sales
May 21, 2015

Uncertain About What Google Webmaster Tools Has To Offer?

As a provided, no-charge web service from the all-mighty Google, Webmaster Tools allows web users to diagnose, monitor and optimize their websites. The awareness users get from monitoring keywords, li ...

Marketing & Sales
May 11, 2015

How To Write An Awesome Blog Post In 5 Easy Steps

How many times have you struggled to write a blog post that people will actually read? If you’re not a writer (and even if you are), it can be difficult to come up with a great idea, organize yo ...

Marketing & Sales
May 4, 2015

Integrate Parallax Design For Your Next Website Update

An appealing Web presence for visitors with foolproof functionality is what businesses strive for when it comes to design. It all comes down to how a website can boost its  “wow factor.&rdq ...

Marketing & Sales
Apr 27, 2015

Why Your Business Needs A Google+ Page

A few years ago, when Google rolled out its own social network, Google+, there were a few eye rolls. Many people saw the move as a desperate attempt to compete with social media giants Facebook and Tw ...

Marketing & Sales
Apr 17, 2015

The Most Opportune Websites For Sharing Your Blog Posts

After completing a blog post, the next step most businesses take is posting it to their websites followed by Facebook and Twitter. After that, they’re not sure what else to do with it. With so m ...

Marketing & Sales
Apr 13, 2015

Quiet, Please! The Pros And Cons Of Comments

Many people view the comments section of a website as the tenth circle of hell. Instead of an area where readers can talk and connect, it’s become the place where civilized conversation and inte ...

Marketing & Sales
Apr 7, 2015

Utilize 404 Error Pages As A Marketing Asset

Nothing is more frustrating or dismal than falling onto a website’s 404 page, at least according to Internet users, who have become spoiled by timesaving technology and lightning-fast search res ...

Marketing & Sales
Apr 1, 2015

The Biggest Changes To Twitter In 2015

The Internet is a lot like life – the second you get comfortable with something, it changes. Nowhere is this truer than with social media, whose platforms seem to have a midlife crisis every oth ...

Marketing & Sales
Mar 20, 2015

Engage Pinterest Followers With Attractive Image Styles

With more than 44.5 million users added since its establishment in 2005, Pinterest has quickly built a large, niche community that businesses are beginning to use as a channel for marketing. Users can ...

Marketing & Sales
Feb 18, 2015

Instagram: An Integral Piece Of Your Social Media Strategy

With over 300 million accounts, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. And since Instagram doesn’t [currently] require you to pay for advertising to ensure ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 30, 2015

A Basic Overview Of Keyword Research And How It’s Used

Doing proper keyword research is the first and probably most important, step digital marketers take before developing a website. It also comes into play with a variety of other marketing tactics. But ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 22, 2015

The Benefits Of Using Hashtags For Business

Hashtags – you’ve seen them used on all your favorite social networks. Even LinkedIn had a brief stint with hashtags! But if you haven’t realized the benefits of using relevant indus ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 7, 2015

Preparing Your Retail Business For 2015

Many of us rely on our mobile devices to keep us organized, on time, in the know and connected both personally and professionally by using features such as mobile calendars, notes, reminders, email, s ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 5, 2015

SEO And Design: How They Relate And Why It Matters

As website design and functionality options have expanded over the years, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends while neglecting best search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Oftent ...

Marketing & Sales
Jan 1, 2015

Maximizing Your Marketing Budget

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve got a hefty list of goals to achieve with very little money to spend. By the time you’ve covered your expenses, there may not be muc ...

Marketing & Sales
Dec 17, 2014

The Future Of Holiday Shopping

If you rely on Black Friday to knock out your holiday shopping, or at least to get a good start, you may have noticed some significant changes over the last few years. For starters, Black Friday now b ...

Marketing & Sales
Dec 15, 2014

Digital Marketing Resolutions For 2015

As we approach the end of another year and begin planning for 2015, it’s important to take a moment to reflect. What were your achievements this year? Did you reach your goals? What are your asp ...

Marketing & Sales
Nov 17, 2014

Stay Off Google’s Naughty List By Avoiding These SEO Offenses

As the holiday season commences, so does our desire to act nice and do good. It’s most likely a crucial revenue period for your business as well, so implementing a marketing strategy to reach an ...

Marketing & Sales
Nov 5, 2014

Digital Marketing Tips For The Holidays

The end of Halloween marks the beginning of a busy holiday shopping season, and sales are expected to be strong this year. Whether you have an existing holiday social media strategy or need some tips ...

Marketing & Sales
Oct 23, 2014

The Logo: Matching Promise With Perception

As much as you’d like to own the idea of your brand, it’s your customers who control the narrative. Your success ultimately depends on your audience’s perception of you – which ...

Marketing & Sales
Oct 20, 2014

Signs Your Website Needs A Makeover

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to determining the timing for a website revamp. Some say every few years, while others believe every decade is acceptable. Because the Internet changes at ...

Marketing & Sales
Oct 14, 2014

5 Tips For A Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

If the summer ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taught us anything, it’s that people want to be a part of something meaningful. And this month, the color pink has taken over everything from airlines and ...

Marketing & Sales
Oct 7, 2014

Myths In Online Marketing

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’ve heard all the rumors. Clients come to us with over-generalized marketing statements and assumptions based on pieces of articles they’ve re ...

Marketing & Sales
Sep 22, 2014

Is Paid Advertising Right for Your Business?

Among the variety of digital marketing tactics is the relatively low-hanging fruit of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It’s a sure-fire way to get to the top of search engine results pages if yo ...

Marketing & Sales
Sep 10, 2014

The Best Image Editing Tools For Content Marketers

With a growing emphasis on content marketing, writers are feeling more pressure than ever to create their own visuals. After all, not everyone has a team of graphic designers at their disposal. In con ...

Marketing & Sales
Sep 3, 2014

Top 5 Tips For Converting Users With Your Home Page

In today’s digital world, home pages are the new storefronts. Customers stop by, and based on what you present, they will decide whether your company has what they’re looking for. The aver ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 25, 2014

ALS Challenge: Lessons to Learn For Social Media Marketing

From your next-door neighbor to the president of the United Sates, the ALS bucket challenge is spreading like wildfire. To many, this challenge may look like a passing fad, but it’s so much more ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 19, 2014

Establishing A Creative Partnership With Your Graphic Designer

Did you know that the Facebook Like button is seen over 22 billion times per day? That it’s the single most viewed design element ever created? And that the designer who led the project spent ov ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 12, 2014

Social Media: How Personal Is Too Personal For Your Business?

Social media makes it easy to grow your brand, enabling you to market your products and services with more ease than ever before. But it also gives you an opportunity to sell people on your company&rs ...

Marketing & Sales
Aug 5, 2014

How To Choose The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Business

There are a multitude of social networks to choose from, starting with the most popular ones like Facebook and Twitter to others on the rise such as SnapChat and Vine. But how do you know which platfo ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 29, 2014

Tailoring Your Digital Marketing Strategy For Millennials

Appealing to millennials (the generation born between the 1980s and early 2000s) is most successful when marketers understand the differences between this generation and others. Successful marketing s ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 22, 2014

6 Digital Marketing Tactics For Your Brick-And-Mortar Business

In today’s world, it’s all about transforming your brick-and-mortar business into a destination – a place where customers are excited to visit. Quality customer service, extensive pr ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 17, 2014

Benefits Of WordPress As A Content Marketer

WordPress blew it out of the park back in 2003 when it was introduced as a free blogging tool and content management system (CMS). As its ease of use was realized, slews of organizations and individua ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 11, 2014

Strengthen Your Brand's Story Through Content

Many people associate storytelling with beginnings such as “once upon a time” and endings like “and they lived happily ever after.” But in marketing, brands can tell stories in ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 8, 2014

How LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business

More than 3 million companies have opted into LinkedIn’s Company Pages to connect with more than 300 million professionals. This means two things: more and more companies are allocating resource ...

Marketing & Sales
Jul 1, 2014

How To Be Found On Search Engines Organically – A New Approach

As organic search results have evolved over the years, so have our optimization tactics. It’s clear that search engines such as Google now place an emphasis on quality content, and with updates ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 17, 2014

The ABCs Of Social Media Advertising

With all of the advertising options available on social media, it can be difficult for a business owner to know where to start. At Sage Island, our team approaches each campaign differently, as no two ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 11, 2014

Copywriting for Results: The Most Effective SEO Tactics

“Content is king.” You’ve no doubt heard this expression and let it guide your Web development strategy, but the truth is, creating content is really just the tip of the iceberg. And ...

Marketing & Sales
Jun 3, 2014

What To Include In Your Current Marketing Strategy

With the endless marketing tactics to consider while creating or refreshing your marketing strategy, it’s hard to know where to begin. Sorting through which ones will actually help your business ...

Marketing & Sales
May 27, 2014

Establishing A Brand Identity Through Successful Design

It’s estimated that the average American sees between 200 and 300 branding and advertising messages per day. When creating a digital marketing strategy, closely considering design helps set you ...

Marketing & Sales
May 20, 2014

Social Media: The Importance of Establishing Goals and Measuring Success

Social media is changing on all fronts. Every day, every minute. Facebook certainly isn’t what it was yesterday, and it definitely isn’t what it used to be two years ago. Just like you and ...

Marketing & Sales
May 15, 2014

Responsive Design: How Design Translates Seamlessly from Web to Mobile

Responsive design. One of the biggest buzzwords in Web design right now – and if you’ve been living under a rock recently, it’s time you’re brought up to speed. What is it and ...

Marketing & Sales
Apr 29, 2014

Think Like A Content Marketer

Content marketing is a three-part process: 1) creating, 2) publishing, and 3) sharing, with the ultimate goal of attracting customers.  It’s clear that search engines favor well-organized, ...

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